The Best Resources to Prepare For a Coding Interview in 2021

Sadha Moodley
2 min readMay 23, 2021
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Preparing for a coding interview can be intimidating, the actual problems given can sometimes be vague and sometimes just plain just difficult to understand or to relate to anything in the real world. In the working environment, the problems solved are nothing like the coding challenges which means to do well at coding interviews you need to spend significant time practicing them.

According to a survey done by, Facebook is rated as the 5th best tech company to work for in 2021. Considering this, Facebook’s benefits and their average salary, most people would love an opportunity to work at Facebook. At the end of last year, I received a message from a Facebook recruiter regarding a role in London. While a technical role was not in line with what I was currently doing, the possibility of moving to London and working for Facebook was exciting. Here is my suggested approach to preparing for the Facebook interview, the approach is actually fairly generic so it should be great for any technical interview.

  1. Leetcode

Leetcode is excellent, there are lots of problems to work on and if you buy a subscription there are solutions as well as questions that each company is likely to ask. I suggest this platform as the base for sample problems. The solution explanations are sometimes not detailed enough but there are generally comments from people who have solved the questions which is helpful. If you are still have issues solving a problem, I suggest a Google search of the problem name, there will very often be a good explanation online.

2. Kevin Naughton Jr.’s YouTube channel

Kevin Naughton has some of the best problem solving videos I have seen. His explanations are simple to understand even when problems are somewhat complex. He also teaches in a fairly fun way which makes his videos interesting to watch. Check out his YouTube channel here or his Patreon page here.

3. Nick “Doing this till I die” White’s YouTube channel

Nick’s explanations are also pretty good. He is also somewhat quirky and keeps it simple. Check out his YouTube channel here

4. Practice interviews

Doing practice interviews are extremely important, the issue with practicing on your own is that the pressure of the actual interview is completely different. Mock interviews will give you the simulation of random questions, a time limit and working with a mock interviewer. It will also get you used to how to ask clarifying questions, how to structure your responses. Here I suggest both interviewbit and pramp.

Hope this short list helps, there are other good resources available but if you have limited time I suggest definitely starting with these.



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