How to get your first AWS certification in 6 days

I recently completed the AWS practitioner certificate with a 96% score. I did this by studying for 6 days with complete focus. Here are some tips to the exam and resources I used:

Acloudguru course: This was an excellent resource that covered almost everything needed for the exam. Ryan explains concepts in an extremely easy to understand way. Each lecture also has a summary which helps. From the course I made notes on each section. Follow along and do the exercises, it does help to see the actual screens and practically go through the concepts.

I also used the official AWS training which was interesting but possibly not necessary. My greatest exam tip is do lots and lots of practice exams. I did at least 10, this was really useful since it had been years since my last exam. I used tests from mostly Udemy. Most practice tests are good and give you answers to the questions you got wrong, review the available tests on Udemy and purchase the one that has the best rating. When doing practice tests watch out for tests that are misaligned with the required sections in the exam outline. Some tests went very deep into VPC concepts which was not needed for the practitioner exam. I also did the official practice exam just to ensure I would get a passing mark before actually sitting the exam, it was very close to the real exam in terms of structure but a little expensive. The suggested white papers are interesting but honestly not needed if you go through the course and practice tests.

That’s it really, the exam is not very complicated and well created. Good luck, there is nothing to fear



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