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Preparing for a coding interview can be intimidating, the actual problems given can sometimes be vague and sometimes just plain just difficult to understand or to relate to anything in the real world. In the working environment, the problems solved are nothing like the coding challenges which means to do well at coding interviews you need to spend significant time practicing them.

According to a survey done by, Facebook is rated as the 5th best tech company to work for in 2021. Considering this, Facebook’s benefits and their average salary, most people would love an opportunity to work at…

Good article, would have been nice if it had references to where we could get the content referred to. Example "12 simple ways..." could have had a link with the details.

I recently completed the AWS practitioner certificate with a 96% score. I did this by studying for 6 days with complete focus. Here are some tips to the exam and resources I used:

Acloudguru course: This was an excellent resource that covered almost everything needed for the exam. Ryan explains concepts in an extremely easy to understand way. Each lecture also has a summary which helps. From the course I made notes on each section. Follow along and do the exercises, it does help to see the actual screens and practically go through the concepts.

I also used the official…

According to icertglobal, the AWS Architecture Associate certification is the 4th highest paying certification in 2019 with an average salary or $132 000. With the growing popularity of cloud solutions and the popularity of AWS, the AWS Architecture Associate exam is in my opinion one of the best certifications you can do. The AWS architecture course was extremely interesting, I found myself enjoying going through it and learning the concepts. …

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